Guy St Clair on knowledge services

18 February, 2007

Our friends down in Melbourne, the KMLF, recently hosted a presentation by Guy St Clair from SMR-Knowledge. Luke Naismith provides a write up:

“I found what Guy said to be highly pertinent to the work that many of us perform; engaging with others, helping them use knowledge, putting knowledge to work.  In fact, he mentioned that the motto for the Special Libraries Association way back in 1914 was “Put knowledge to work”.  That was nearly 100 years ago and modern knowledge management practitioners could still use that as their motto.  Or as in Guy’s words, we move to integrate knowledge, collaboration and learning into the organisational structure, and help people feel, think and experience knowledge for what it is, the very thing that makes them function successfully as human beings.”

The presentation is also available for download.

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