Should KM be more psychology than management?

25 April, 2007

Canberra-based Matthew Hodgson couldn’t attend last night’s KM Forum, but inspired by the theme of the meeting he reflects:

“Until we see a move in the direction of science theory we’re still going to see KM enslaved with thoughts that just as SAP or CRM software can help with the management of ‘things’ like clients and people, that just as you manage people’s performance with performance management and Sigma Six processes, you can manage knowledge with software by IBM or emerging from the popular Web 2.0 movement like they were beans being canned in a factory.

Should KM be more psychology than management? Yes! Let’s see more discussion by people like Olsson. Let’s see more theories and tested hypotheses on how people create, store and share knowledge. Let’s explore what knowledge is and what it means to people. And let’s see less self-help-styled management gurus, their theories and their books telling us and spreading falsehoods about what KM definitely isn’t.”


One Response to “Should KM be more psychology than management?”

  1. magia3e Says:

    Any thoughts on my reflections?

    Is there a podcast of Olsson’s presentation?


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