Event report from the KMLF on the Organizational Zoo with Arthur Shelley

2 May, 2007

It looks like the KMLF in Melbourne had an entertaining meeting with Arthur Shelley:

“Arthur’s warm style engaged the 25 members of the audience in a discussion of different types of animals (and one plant) that are forced together when we come to work.  The illustrations use various types of animals as a metaphor  for the type of people that we coming into contact with at work.  Arthur showed us that these metaphors can be used as an icebreaker for workshops, to describe your own strengths and weaknesses and to do all this in a fun way.  You need different types of animals depending on the sort of work that you do.”

You can get a feel for the presentation from the slides.


One Response to “Event report from the KMLF on the Organizational Zoo with Arthur Shelley”

  1. Great to see our groups working together – keep it up! For all in Sydney – please feel free to drop in to one of our meetings in Melbourne any time you are down here. I visited one of yours when I was in town for Ark Group’s KM Australia last year, and enjoyed it very much!

    – Keith.

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