Talking about change management

27 June, 2007

Despite the cold and damp weather, last night’s forum turned out to be an interesting workshop session with Matt Moore on change management and KM. Matt talked about why change management relates to doing KM and introduced four very different change management models:

  • Neuro Change
  • Kotter’s Leading Change
  • Patricia Shaw’s complexity approach to change

I’m familiar with change theories like ADKAR and well known authors like Kotter, however the Neuro Change concept is a new one that tries to get at what actually happens in our brains when we experience change.

In between the theory, Matt gave us all time to first think about our experiences with change and then talk about them in small groups. I think everyone enjoyed the chance to have a conversation about change.

UPDATE: Matt has uploaded his presentation on Slideshare and provided links to more information to each of the change models he described.


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  1. […] the way, the NSW KM Forum had a good session in Sydney last night. Matt has made his presentation available with references […]

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