Live(ish) from KM Australia 2007

24 July, 2007

Serena Joyner is our official ambassador to KM Australia, however committee member Brad Hinton is also reporting from the conference. And for those of you like me who couldn’t make it to the conference, don’t forget to catch up with us tonight at our free forum meeting.


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  1. soscall Says:

    Hi everyone,

    KM Australia 2007, Knowledge, Discovery and Collaboration has come and gone and we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who participated and became involved with its success.

    As you may know, this year we conducted a survey and talked with past attendees to find out what they would want out this year’s KM event. We created more room within the exhibition area itself, we provided a table format to allow for more interaction, rather than the standard theatre style, plus we tried something new with the KM Arena (a networking forum) and this proved to be a great success.

    As with everything, when we tried to provide for something, another concern came up. The sound at the event wasn’t the best a certain times and we tried to mend that on Day Two, but the venue doesn’t really allow for it.

    There have been some good conversations taking place in the blogosphere and some are sharing some slides from KM Australia 2007:

    Dave Snowden’s blog:

    Chris Fletcher’s blog:

    Brad Hinton’s blog:

    Keith De La Rue’s blog:

    Stay posted, as we will be publishing some interesting statistics on the event, plus we will be asking all of you where we can improve upon next year; change of venue / change of direction of event(more technology or less) / location(would Melbourne be a good change – but would it affect whether or not you attend)

    Thank you again for all of your support and please visit for all of our other upcoming events, plus go to which is being held in Singapore, 29 -31 October 2007. If you are an attendee to this KM Australia 2007 and want to attend KM Asia 2007 – please let us know, and we can work out a special price for you.

    The Team at Ark Group Asia-Pacific

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