Anecdote will be in town on the 4th September to host a free breakfast seminar on using narrative techniques for knowledge retention:

“This seminar is an opportunity to explore how to best use narrative techniques to minimise the impact of knowledgeable people leaving your organisation. And because we know that learning is ineffective with someone just up front talking at you, we’ve designed the seminar to be a combination of some talking by us, and some talking in small groups by you. We will also feature a case study from Cadbury Schweppes’ expert knowledge retention activity.”

See the Anecdote blog for details.

Please note that this meeting will take place on a Wednesday.


Wikis are definitely this year’s forum hot topic!

Back by popular demand, James Matheson and Andrew Mitchell will discuss how wikis are being used as knowledge management tools.

  • James will focus on the big picture with an overview of wikis, technology current state, how they are being used for knowledge management, how they are being adopted and what the barriers to adoption are.
  • Andrew will provide a case study that explains how his Urbis K&IM team are using wiki technology.


James Matheson is an independent Wiki Consultant who has been working with wiki technology for the last five years and has dedicated himself to the idea of “a wiki for every organisation”. James has own consultancy, Saikore, which has been establishing wiki technology for a range of uses in a range of business domains, including education, publishing, corporate security, mining and manufacturing.

Andrew Mitchell is the knowledge manager at Urbis, an Australian and international consulting organisation focused on assisting government and private clients create successful urban transformation.

WHERE: Ernst & Young, The Ernst & Young Centre, 680 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Download a map.

WHEN: 5.30pm for 6pm, Wednesday 29th August .

HOW MUCH: Gold coin donation.

WHAT NEXT? If you plan to attend we will have plenty of seats this time, but you must RSVP by e-mail to: rsvp<at> (hint: replace the <at> with a normal @ to complete the email address and please include the date and/or title of the event in the subject line).

Even if like me you didn’t make it to KM Australia 2007, there is some worthwhile post-conference coverage via the blogosphere:

I hear that many people were impressed by Michel Bauwens, who spoke about peer-to-peer at the conference. Bauwens actually posted a guest blog post on the forum’s blog before the conference that is worth checking out. Patrick Lambe also joined us at the forum after the conference and gave us a guided tour across the Kingdom of Taxonomy.