Knowledge Cafe with David Gurteen (Sydney, 25th October 2007)

27 September, 2007

The NSW KM Forum is pleased to share this invitation from David Gurteen with the local KM community:


What will be the impact of Social Tools within Organizations? Social tools put a great deal of power in the hands of the individual. They alter the traditional flow of information and have the potential to alter the culture and effectiveness of an organization. What will be their impact and what are the opportunities and challenges that organizations face in making them available to people?

David Gurteen will start the evening by explaining the history of the cafes; their purpose; their benefits and the process by which they are run. He will then move on to run a knowledge cafe on the theme for the evening and David and Helen Paige (Helen is the regional director for the Gurteen Knowledge Community in Adelaide) will facilitate the session.


David Gurteen has over 30 years’ experience working in high technology industries and has worked as an independent consultant for the last decade. He is best described as a ‘knowledge networker’ who helps people in organizations, in all walks of life, to be more creative and innovative and to work more effectively with each other to make their collective knowledge productive.

David has run 100s of knowledge cafes over the last few years and they are really great learning and networking events. Everyone engages with the theme of the cafe and some tremendous insightful, energetic conversations take place. If you can make it – please do come along. You will not be disappointed. Better still the cafe format is one that you can take back with you and use in your own organizations to help create a more innovative culture.


The knowledge cafe is being hosted by AMP and is open to members of the Gurteen Knowledge Community, other KM networks and anyone else who is interested in participating.

Please visit David Gurteen’s Website for full details and to RSVP.


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