Feedback from last year’s Creating Your Future in the Digital World Workshop

4 March, 2008

Last year we gave away a free pass to the Creating Your Future in the Digital World Workshop – better late than never, here is some feedback from Patrick Burkhalter and Matt Moore who both attended this event:

From Matt:

“Ralph Kerle and Peter Williams are onto something interesting. Ralph is a former theatre director with an interest in arts-based facilitation and Peter is a social software addict who runs Deloitte Digital in Australia. The workshop itself involved a mix of their mutual interests – Peter discoursing on blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS, social networks, etc and Ralph running creativity exercises such as stream of consciousness writing. The two perspectives haven’t quite gelled together yet but I have no doubt they will. And this important because social software is all about user-generated content and collaboration – the largest outpouring of collective creativity in history. We urgently need a synthesis of Ralph and Peter to make the most of our potential.”

From Patrick:

“As humans, we rely on our own inherent abilities to evolve and innovate to better suit our ever-changing environments. But with the increasing and (seemingly) inevitable role technology plays in the way we learn, work, communicate, and even socialise – ranging from basic computer usage to elaborate online and mobile collaborative technologies – it is critical that the ‘human’ remains at the forefront of such technological use and development. The combination of left-brain creativity with real and fast-growing technologies is an ongoing source of personal interest to me and an area that any serious business or organisation should be staying on top of. What Ralph and Peter aimed to provide in this workshop forms an excellent starting point for those not so well-versed in technologies (or even in creativity) and should be a part of any serious self-development activity, if not personally then at least professionally.”

Patrick and Matt – thanks for sharing this feedback from the event. BTW Ralph Kerle from the Creative Leadership Forum is now also a NSW KM Forum committee member and has offered to present for us during the year.


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