Growing the team at Step Two – Job Opportunities

22 May, 2008


“Step Two has been growing strongly over the last few years, and we’ve built ourselves a global reputation in the intranet space (and beyond). We have staff in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, but the work is still pouring in. We’re therefore growing our team, to further support our consulting, mentoring, training and publishing.

We’re looking for great people to join the consulting team, working in the fields of intranets, information management, collaboration, content management and knowledge management.

This includes conducting field research, developing intranet and information management strategies,mentoring teams, developing best-practice resources, running workshops, and more.

Experienced web, intranet and information managers are ideally placed for this work, as are consultants looking to progress their professional careers. (We provide plenty of mentoring support to help build the skills and experience of our new starters, that’s half the fun!)

If you’ve read our work or seen us present, you know where we’re coming from. Take this opportunity to join our team, and to play your part in helping organisations to be more successful in their information activities. “


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