Looking for a new venue for the NSW KM Forum – can you help?

30 July, 2008

Our Ernst & Young host has moved on to a new KM role overseas (thank you and good luck, Patrick!), which means the NSW KM Forum is now looking for a new home in the CBD.

While we would prefer a venue we can use each month for the remainder of 2008 and perhaps into the new year, even if you can help out just in the short term we would be interested to hear from you.

Just so you are aware of our requirements:

  • Meetings generally take place after 5pm on weeknight, so ease of access and exit in relation to your building’s security is a consideration. An RSVP list can be provided to building security on the day of the event if required.
  • We would also need access to a data projector and ideally the room should accommodate a classroom size of people (if you only have a smaller room available, our RSVP process does allow us to limit the number of people attending if required).
  • We collect a small entry fee to help cover our expenses, including some refreshments on the evening – however, if you can also help out on that front we can reduce our fee!

If you think you can help please call James Dellow on 0414 233711 or email committee [at] nsw-km-forum.org.au (hint: replace the [at] with an @).


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