NSW KM Forum SNA Survey – Opt in to participate by COB Monday 22nd September

18 September, 2008

Would you like to participate in a Social Network Analysis (SNA) of the NSW KM Forum community?

For our next meeting on 30th September, Laurence Lock Lee, from Optimice, has offered to conduct a short SNA of the NSW KM Forum membership.

Our objective is two fold. Firstly we would like to understand the current level of connectivity between our members to help us in maximising our own knowledge sharing. Secondly we are also posing a top 10 KM challenges for you to select from in order to identify who in the membership shares your challenges.

We will use this information to build the affinity social network for those who share a common interest and therefore those you should try and connect with the most. The source for Top 10 KM Challenges was a KM Management Review article by Donna Edwards and Jim Wolff. See for details on what the challenges mean.

IMPORTANT: To participate in this survey you must opt in by sending an email before COB Monday 22nd September to nswkmforum [at] nsw-km-forum.org.au (hint: replace [at] with an @) with “SNA” in the subject line. Note: We will use the name and email address you use to opt in to send you a link to Optimice’s SNA survey tool. Your name will also appear in the survey questions.

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