Part 1: Justifying Your Knowledge Management Programme


Demonstrating ROI for KM projects is notoriously difficult but still of great importance for knowledge managers – especially in the current economic climate. An effective approach must include not only financial models but also anecdotal evidence and a consideration of political issues. Based on his experiences with IBM & the Australian government, Matt Moore will discuss the methods used and challenges faced in constructing financial justifications for KM activities.


Matt Moore has worked in the knowledge management space for nearly a decade with organisations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM, Oracle and the Australian government. He now runs his own consulting business, Innotecture.

Part 2: Collaboration on the frontline – the challenges and some success stories


“There is a special magic that happens when people collaborate. Collaboration touches on our human nature in a way that is easily felt but not so easily explained. "There is also a lot of un-magic going around that prevents us from collaborating.” Ward Cunningham, developer of the first Wiki (from the foreword of “wikipatterns”, Mader 2007).

Collaboration sounds good, and it looks good, but it can be very hard to “make happen”. Some argue that collaboration can’t be designed because it is an emergent property of a complex system of people, their environments, and very often technology. Hmm…. but what if we DO want it – how can we increase our chances of getting it?? During a short, interactive session we will take a look at what some of that “un-magic” is and try to understand these obstacles. We will look at some case studies where simple tools have been really successful in supporting knowledge workers on the frontline of businesses (and in return benefiting those businesses). We will pick out some of the obstacles and the strategies that were employed to overcome or avoid them. We’ll do some thinking, some watching and some talking. Hey – we may even collaborate!


Serena Joyner has worked in and around the Knowledge Management world since 2000 when she worked with Standards Australia on the first KM Framework and helped setup the NSW KM Forum. For several intervening years she has been busy working out in western Sydney for the Sydney Catchment Authority, and raising a small family in the Blue Mountains (hence visits to the KM Forum became quite rare). These days she works at Step Two Designs helping organisations organise their information better and get it to the staff who need it.


Darling Park
201 Sussex Street

Enter from Druitt Street, go up the escalators and up the hall. Continue through the foyer until you see the PwC security desk through the doors on your left hand side. Please note: You will need to get a security pass from the security desk in the PwC Foyer, then proceed to main reception on Level 10 and tell reception you are here for the NSW KM forum.

WHEN: 5.30pm for 6pm, Tuesday 25th November, 2008.

HOW MUCH: Gold coin donation.

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