Speakers, Sponsors, a new survey & a competition

18 November, 2009

We are in the throes of planning 2010 for the NSW KM Forum – and we need your help!

1. We are looking for speakers. The format will be 30 mins total (including questions) to present to the forum on a relevant topic (if in doubt send an email to nswkmforum@gmail.com) using any method you see fit. Please send an email to nswkmforum@gmail.com with “Speaker” in the subject title.

2. We are looking for sponsors (but not megabucks). We have some small expenses that we want to cover in cash or kind (e.g. domain name hosting, presents for speakers). If you want to support our work with $ then please email nswkmforum@gmail.com with “Sponsor” in the subject title.

3. We are running a satisfaction survey with a difference. We are using the Most Significant Change process (coupled with the Net Promoter Score) to assess our impact on the NSW KM community. The questionnaire can be completed in 10 mins. The provider of the most significant story will win a prize. Please visit the survey here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=CI0ortGaYbH6BJKsSpntKg_3d_3d

4. We are sourcing our own line of wine from The Wine Point. We are holding a competition to design a label for the wine with a new NSW KM Forum logo. The design needs to be 100mm tall by 70mm wide and it needs to be an image created & owned by yourself (i.e. no sneaky copying off the web). The winner will get the first bottle of wine AND have their credits on all the bottles. Please send in your entry as a PDF or JPG file to nswkmforum@gmail.com with “Competition” in the title by Friday 29 January 2010.


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