Upcoming Events of Relevance

18 November, 2009

1. Michael Sampson’s Masterclass in SharePoint Collaboration and Governance
Sydney 1st December
The masterclass will focus on the business, technology and people of SharePoint for collaboration: Collaboration for Business; Roadmap to Success; Evaluating the Technology; All About Governance; Engaging the Business; User Adoption Strategies; Getting Started

2. Appreciative Inquiry – David Cooperrider
THE STRENGTHS REVOLUTION IN LEADERSHIP (today is last day for early bird)
1. Executive Breakfast with David Cooperrider – 27 November 2009 07:00 – 09.00 am
Where: Macquarie Graduate School of Management Campus, 99 Talavera Road, North Ryde NSW 2109
In this interactive session David makes the “three circles of the strengths revolution”
come alive by focusing of powerful tools at
Program Time Table
Price $88.00
2. Workshop with David Cooperrider – 26 November 2009
Where: UTS City Campus, 15 Broadway, Ultimo, NSW
* A Time to Rethink Human Organization and Change
* The Science of Human Strengths and Role of the Positive
* Appreciative Intelligence + Macro-Enterprise= Constellation Leadership
* Introduction to the Positive Change Method of Appreciative Inquiry
* The Unintended Consequences of Deficit-based Change: Why are Our Organizations and Our Brains So Easily Focused on the Negative? * AI’s “4-D” Cycle
* The Art of the Question
* One Large Group Planning Method that Changes Everything and Consistently Brings Out the Best in Organizations and Stakeholder Communities
* How Does “Whole System in the Room” Magnify the Universe of Strengths, Opportunities, Assets, and Results (S.O.A.R)?
* The Design of Positive Institutions: Discovering How Sustainability= Innovation in Business
Price $495.00 for early birds.
After 11/11/09 $595.00
Members of Associations and Co Sponsor groups will receive a 15% discount after 11/11/09 = $505.75

3. Leading Complex Projects – Delivering outcomes in ambiguous and uncertain environments
Tuesday, 24 November, 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm, Sydney Mechanics School of Art, 280 Pitt Street, Sydney City
Workshop Facilitators: Dr Kaye Remington
Much of our practice in project management today is the legacy of control systems working in economic environments that no longer apply. Projects have become more complex, business partnering to deliver outcomes is now BAU, risk management and financing have become more innovative and complicated, and finding the right people is still difficult in the ‘new normal’. Leading complex projects/programs requires leaders to understanding the varying nature of complexity, and the decision-making and tools that may be required in these differing and messy, ill-defined environments.
Dr. Kaye Remington work focuses on understanding and leading complex projects, programs and initiatives. She has experience in delivering those impossible projects, and is able to apply current thinking in the complexity field to the very practical requirements of project management. She has written “Tools for complex projects”, (see review http://www.mantex.co.uk/reviews/remington.htm) and is currently writing another book “Leading Complex Projects” with another internationally recognised expert in leadership and projects.

4.  Bringing Order to a Poorly Structured Knowledge Base
Date: Tuesday 24th November 2009 Time 6:00pm
Location L29, 580 George St, Sydney
Cost Gold coin contribution at door
RSVP By 11th Nov, please RSVP by email to iim@iim.org.au
The November meeting of IIM NSW will be on the subject of Knowledge and Content Management strategies. Michael Beckett from ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation) will describe his organisation’s situation before the strategy, the objectives and vision identified in the strategy, the plan to implement it, and the progress and lessons learnt to date. This meeting will be run as a collaborative workshop, with Michael setting the scene and then the audience driving the agenda by delving into areas of interest to them. This will allow us to gain some insights from Michael into how he has addressed common problems in our industry and he will also give his perspective on your ideas/challenges.

5. Paper-mess to Paper-less
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has emerged as a powerful way to capture, anage, store and access the vital information contained in documents, spreadsheets, presentations, correspondence, email messages and other electronic media. KnowledgeLake Document Imaging Suite gives you the freedom to scan, index, store, retrieve and view large volumes of documents in a variety of ways by extending the native capabilities of SharePoint. Clayko Group – KnowledgeLake’s Australian and New ZealandPartner, offers you the opportunity to join us at a Breakfast Brief to discover the benefits a complete ECM solution offers. You will see how KnowledgeLake addresses:
· Tracking, storing and managing your email, Word, Excel or other electronic documents
· Scanning your paper documents into the same SharePoint document repository
· Reducing the time and effort taken to find and retrieve valuable business information
· Providing a cost-effective, scalable solution for document management for your business

This event will be followed by a light stand-up breakfast and a chance for informal questions and answers.
Tuesday 17th November, 2009 7:30am – 9:00am
Thursday 19th November, 2009 7:30am – 9:00am

Venue:Microsoft Head Office, Exchange, 1 Epping Road, NORTH RYDE NSW 2113, Australia
Email cameron.elliott@clayko.com.au to RSVP


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