Ark Group have kindly offered us a free pass. If you would like to go into the draw for it then please email: by COB Friday Jan 8 2010. (N.B. This is only open to people who attended an NSW KM Forum event in 2009)

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Matt Moore
Chair, NSW KM Forum
A Leader’s Guide to Knowledge Management: Drawing on the past to enhance future performance

One-day Masterclass
27 January 2010


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Masterclass facilitators:
John P. Girard, Associate Professor, Minot State University
JoAnn L. Girard, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Sagology

Today when most executives consider the intellectual capital of their organisation, they focus on the present. They seek tools and techniques to exploit their organisational knowledge for some immediate gain.
There is an emerging shift in thinking that will provide a lasting competitive advantage—the shift is from the present to the future. A Leader’s Guide to Knowledge Management: Drawing on the Past to Enhance Future Performance is unique in that it focuses on what executives should be doing now (or soon) to ensure the next generation of organisational leaders know what we knew. In other words, are we creating organisational memories today which will be useful to the next generation of leaders? Will today’s baby-boomer based practices pass the test of time? Are our current processes the most relevant ones for
the next generation of organisational leaders?

Michael Sampson Video

6 December, 2009

Many thanks to Michael & all the attendees for a very good session. Follow the link for more!

Michael Sampson – NSW KM Forum 2/12/2009.

Background: We are running a satisfaction survey with a difference. We are using the Most Significant Change process (coupled with the Net Promoter Score) to assess our impact on the NSW KM community. The questionnaire can be completed in 10 mins. The provider of the most significant story will win a prize. Please visit the survey here:

Here are the some initial responses from the MSC exercise to get you thinkin’:

Tell us about the most significant change that has resulted from your involvement with the NSW KM Forum. Why is this change significant for you?
1 Having more knowledge about Social Network Analysis, which is an area that will be booming in a few years… l love that I know about this stuff as it’s coming to the fore. Because I work with SharePoint and SP 2010 has a lot more social aspects to it, so doing SNA on SharePoint will be interesting in a few years
2 no more bullet points in my powerpoint presentations radically changed the way I explained things. and made me a much better presenter and had a positive effect on my business
3 I try work my schedule around the meeting Provides a regular event to work around
4 Mainly the opportunity to mix with other professionals. This has helped me understand where the rest of the industry is at, what the current thinking amongst professionals is, and whether or not other professionals are experiencing the same barriers/issues that I am. It enables me to speak with some authority about the outside world when I engage in discussions with colleagues inside my company. It also allows me to bring some fresh thinking to my role. I always come away with something from any given KM Forum session.
5 The NSW KM Forum people and events inspired me to continue to understand how people really learn through collaboration. With these insights and role models I leverage this knowledge in my career as a tutor and learning program facilitator. It provided me with a new exciting and rewarding career path.
6 My most memorable outcome of a forum meeting was at a time when I was searching to discover a more effective methodology for assessment in the workplace. During a presentation at the KM Forum from one of the authors of Learning to Fly the topic of assessment was covered, and the presentation and subsequent conversations helped me to crystallise and define the methodology that was needed. It is a practical example of how collaboration can deliver resolution to challenging requirements. The Forum’s greatest value is in providing have environment for collaboration.
7 Inspiration, coming from finding a large group of people on the cutting edge of communication technologies and processes. For inspiration to continue on the path I’m walking! 😉
8 I just feel more informed with the KM industry in general. There has been no single significant event. Keeping abreast of the industry as such is significant to me because I feel KM in a traditional scense is dying in Australia
9 I always get excited when a concept clicks, especially when I have been hesitant about a tool. The NSW KM Forum with Iggy Pintado on connections was on of those moments. After the Forum I set up a Twitter account and got Tweeting on what was happening in the organsiation. It was really great marketing tool that showcased much of the hidden work that I and my staff do. Going to the NSW KM Forum has provided me with plenty of learning opportunities and food for thought, hower as my role carries a KM title, the proportion of work that is KM is less than half, therefore the opprotunties to enable KM initiativies aren’t always there. The concepts discussed in the “connected” NSW KM Forum workshop were easy to put into place and was a starting point to bring in other areas of the organisation, in particular marketing.
10 Not really any significant changes, as such, but it’s always good to meet/chat with other people about KM issues. So I can pass on to the xxxx members that there are other KM interest groups out there if they’d like to connect further.