3 Upcoming Events for KM professionals

3 April, 2010

1. Knowledge Transfer and Retention (see 2 special offers)
2. Wisdom – Whence & Wither with Jay Hays
3. Beyond Connected Individuals: Web 2.0 for Organisations and Governments

1. “Knowledge transfer is a complete and utter waste of everyone’s time!”
Got your attention? Good! No one ever actually said those words, but we’ve all come across people in our professional travels who have thought it. Ark Group Australia, is offering you an opportunity to hear first hand how other KM professionals are responding to this perennial challenge, and at a much
reduced cost.

Knowledge Transfer and Retention
May 24-25
Rydges, World Square, Sydney

A $250 discount for NSW KM Forum members off the normal cost of attending the event. Any NSW KM Forum member can take advantage of this
discount when registering on the site.

One lucky NSW KM Forum member can win a FREE TICKET to this event! To be in the running, you will have to attend the next monthly NSW KM Forum meeting on Tuesday April 27.

We encourage you to participate in either of these offers. And look forward to
seeing you at the April 27 monthly NSW KM Forum meeting. Thanks to Ark Group Australia for continuing to provide our membership with significantly discounted prices to their events.

2. Monday April 12 ‘Wisdom – Whence and Whither’ with Jay Hayes

This session is a series of dialogues and enquiries into the nature ofwisdom:
where it comes from; why it’s needed; and what impedes it.
Participants confront and engage “the wisdom paradox”: Wisdom is both
abundant in the world and seldom observed.
More info here: http://facilitatorsnetwork.blogspot.com

3. IIM Sydney – Beyond Connected Individuals: Web 2.0 for Organisations and Governments
6.00-7.30pm on Tuesday 20 April at Opticon, Level 29, 580 George Street, Sydney

Web 2.0 represents a turning point in the way we interact with information, with each other, with organizations of every kind, including our governments.  The presidential election campaign of The USA. Obama hints at an egovernment future that would be almost unrecognizable to the most tech savvy individual of even 1990. Following last month’s excellent session on folksonomies from Professor Eric Tsui, we are excited this month to have 3 highly credentialed thinkers and speakers to talk us through just some of the issues tools and ramifications of Web2.0 and to join us in discussion.
– James Dellow, Consultant, Headshift
– Barbara Reed, Director, Recordkeeping Innovation
– Matt Moore, Director, Innotecture

Contact Brian Bailey for more information: B.Bailey@records.com.au

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