A webinar version of Eric’s presentation about knowledge management in Hong Kong is available here:  http://kmrc.ise.polyu.edu.hk/movie/KM%20developments%20in%20HK%20-%20over%20100%20projects/

His slides are available here: http://kmrc.ise.polyu.edu.hk/events_past.php

When are we working in closed, semi permeable or fully open environments and why?

  • Closed: you control who participates and theoretically, what information stays in or out.
  • Semi-permeable. Working with closed groups for tasks, but often publishing results openly. What has to stay in is not fixed, but negotiable
  • Open: it all happens in public.

Bring your stories, successes, failures, worries, hypothesis, heuristics. We’ll start with a fishbowl (which means we should pre identify a few stories) then dig in for an evening of conversation.

Nancy White is an internationally recognised online facilitation expert-practitioner. She has worked with organisations as such as: The United Nations; Australian Flexible Learning Network; Boeing; the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research; IBM; and the World Bank. She is co-author of Digital Habitats with Etienne Wenger and John D. Smith. Nancy teaches, presents and writes on online facilitation and interaction, social architecture and social media. Nancy confesses to online interaction, learning and chocolate addictions.

Nancy is in Sydney to deliver a workshop on online facilitation.

A map of UTS can be found here: http://datasearch.uts.edu.au/about/mapsdirections/map.cfm – we will be in building CB10 on the 14th floor.

Register here: http://nswkmapr11.eventbrite.com/

Door donation is $5. Doors open at 17.30 for a 18:00 start.

And the hashtag for the event will be #nswkm

Smart people, stupid organisation: How do organisations produce ignorance and how can we overcome this?

Organisations process information to coordinate their activities, possess organisational memory, and adapt to changing environments, just as individuals do. But they are not the sum of the intelligence of their people. Organisations are often structured to ignore the knowledge that is at their disposal. In this talk, Patrick Lambe will describe some of the main forms of organisational ignorance and discuss with participants ways of overcoming this ignorance.

Patrick Lambe is one of Asia’s most respected knowledge and information management practitioners. Patrick is the author of Organising Knowledge: Taxonomies, Knowledge and Organisation Effectiveness (Chandos 2007), an Adjunct Professor at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 2-term past President of the Information & Knowledge Management Society and a member of the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Knowledge Management.

Please register here: http://nswkmmar11.eventbrite.com/


We have a small amount of money each year that we wish to use to fund one or more NSW students to attend a KM practitioner conference in Australia. The student should studying knowledge management as part of a course.

To be eligible to enter, the student:
– should be based in NSW;
– should be studying KM as part of a recognised course;
– should have presented to the Forum.

The presentation should be on a topic relevant to the form and can be based on research undertaken as part of their studies. The presentation should be 15-30 minutes long. If they are based in Sydney, then they can attend the Forum; otherwise they can submit a video or slidecast.

If selected, they will be expected to record the conference in some way (e.g. blog, tweet, audio/video interviews with participants and presenters) and possibly report back to the Forum on the event.

Students will be selected by the NSW KM Forum Committee based on the quality of  their presentation and our assessment of their ability to benefit from attending the conference. Even if a student is not selected, they will have had a valuable opportunity to raise their profile in the KM community through contact with the Forum.

We think this is an excellent opportunity for the Forum, for students and for the KM community as a whole.

Please forward this on to your colleagues and students and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.NSW Knowledge Management Forum Student Bursary.

Matt Moore

Chair, NSW KM Forum