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Undercover KM – facilitated by Matthew Clarke
How many of us work in organisations that under-value and under-resource KM? In this fishbowl session, everyone will have an opportunity to contribute to a discussion on how to do great KM in such unsupportive environments. This is a meeting where we can commiserate with each others’ hardships and share ideas on how to achieve quality outcomes despite such hardships.

Matthew C. Clarke is a technology strategist whose career spans artificial intelligence, technical writing, information architecture, user interface design, and software development management. He has worked in academia, with software vendors, and more recently as Global Manager of Knowledge Management with an engineering consultancy.

Bursary Presentation: The role of KM in eMaintenance – Seyed Hamed Moosavi Rad
One of the main problems in Supply Chain Management (SCM) is inadequacy of the current approaches to forecast the demand patterns. Oscillation of demand creates the bullwhip phenomena which is a major problem in SCM.. According to these argument, many companies have developed or are developing Knowledge Management (KM) systems in e-maintenance to provide integrated services to their supply chain partners such as Spare Parts SCM (SPSCM). Maintenance knowledge that is related to SPSCM would be serial forecasting techniques, inventory control policy and order & delivery lags of spare parts. This presentation examines how KM can improve the performance of e-maintenance specifically the bullwhip effect in SPSCM.

Seyed Hamed Moosavi Rad is a PhD candidate of Information Systems at the University of New South Wales, Australia from 2010. He is also the academic faculty member of Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman, Iran. He received his Master degree in Industrial Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology in 2008. His research focuses on Knowledge Management, Maintenance Management, Supply Chain Management and Balanced Scorecard. He has presented and published in more than 20 refereed journals and international conferences.

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