Using What You Know to Know More About Investing – Ian Miller

A short journey through equity investments as social systems based on Ian’s experience as a therapist. The group can get a taste of what he will be talking about here. It will be suitable for everyone— not only folks who dabble in the markets!

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Ian Miller is a New York based psychoanalyst consulting in the field of investment psychology. He is a principle in the Accord Advisory Group; and will be beginning this visit to Australia with a talk in Melbourne called, “Blaming BP“, about stock market reaction to the 2010 Deepwater oilspill.

How to Manage Knowledge You Don’t Want – Annette Clancy

Emotion at work is an emotive issue.  If we are to believe what we read, organisations are rational places focused on task driven activities conducted in passion free (or potentially passion free) environments – that is unless those passions have been sanctioned by management as important for the delivery of the organisation’s goals.  Emotion is either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – the former associated with job satisfaction and the latter with stress. Yet we don’t attend or return from work in a feelings neutral manner.  We tell stories of relationships; we articulate how work ‘feels’; we are often required to demonstrate particular feeling. Organisations are emotional and emotion generating environments and attending to the emotional climate of organising can reveal rich intelligence about how systems function – so why are we afraid that organisations will collapse if emotion remains unmanaged?

Annette Clancy is an organisational consultant and psychotherapist from Ireland who currently lives in New York.  She has a particular interest in the unconscious life of organisations i.e. what goes on ‘under the surface’ and emotion at work in particular.  She is currently researching a PhD in organisational behavior and is looking at ‘disappointment’ in the workplace.  Prior to starting her consulting firm she was an arts and cultural manager in Ireland.  She can be found on twitter @annetteclancy. Annette was recently interviewed by the Australian Financial Review.

Student Bursary Presentation: More Than Just The Tech – Nicole Punsalan

Organisations often think that a particular technology is the solution to all knowledge management (KM) problems. However, technology is only one element of KM. This presentation will look at the use of online collaboration tools and Intranets in a company size of 500+ employees. It will explore how technology is not the only thing needed in successful KM, but also the involvement of people, the strength in process, and the quality of content.

Nicole Punsalan is currently undertaking her Masters in Knowledge Management at the University of Technology Sydney.

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