For our next event we are going to vary slightly from our usual format, inviting a guest speaker to enlighten us on a very meaty topic, then move into a facilitated group discussion where we can share our own experiences of that topic with each other and thereby further explore and expand our understanding.

So come along and meet others interested in knowledge management to learn from our Guest Speaker and share with each other!

Time:      Tuesday 24/4/2012,  5.30pm – 7.30pm
Venue:    UTS:  Level 5, Room 580, Building 10 (James Street Ultimo)
Instructions:   Follow the signs (or helpful KM Forum Members!) when you get to the Building 10 Lift Foyer (old one is easiest)

Registration: (Please register online prior to the event to help us manage numbers and catering)


Intranets may not be naturally social, but the people who use them and organisations where they exist certainly are. Many organisations are now recognising the importance of social intranets for workforce engagement and productivity.

If you are thinking of deploying a social intranet or want to add social features to an existing intranet there are now many mature software options available to you, but which tools should you be considering?

James Dellow from Headshift Asia Pacific will provide an introduction to social intranets, covering:

* What is a social intranet.

* What are the key features of a social intranet (and the problems they help to solve).

* Get an overview of the best-of-breed social intranet software tools.

* Find where and how SharePoints fits.

About James Dellow:

James Dellow is a senior business and technology consultant at Headshift Asia Pacific , where he supports Headshift’s clients on the organisational and technical aspects of their social business design projects. James is also a former chair of the NSW KM Forum and blogs regularly at . You can follow him on twitter at!/chieftech .

Facilitated Group Exercise:

After James’ presentation Marie O’Brien will facilitate a group discussion exercise for attendees to share their own knowledge/experience with each other about:

* How these tools are actually being used currently by organisations.

* How they are being received in general by workers (engagement levels etc).

* Perceived / real benefits.

* Policy and governance issues.

* Perceived risks and opportunities.

About Marie O’Brien:

Marie is (among other things) a professional facilitator, knowledge junkie and current Chair of the NSW KM Forum!  (For detail on her program and workshop offerings

We all look forward to an interesting, stimulating, enjoyable and sociable evening of learning from the experiences of our guest speaker, and each other!