Our May meeting brings us the opportunity to explore and experience Social Network Analysis (SNA) in an interactive session where attendees can learn about SNA, hear about a live organisational case study and experience first hand how an SNA works, courtesy of the Optimice team and Cateen Quayle from Hunter Water.

So come along and meet others interested in knowledge management to learn from our Guest Speakers and share with each other!

Time: Tuesday 29/5/2012, 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Registration: http://nswkmforummay2012meeting-eorg.eventbrite.com/ (Please register online prior to the event to help us manage numbers and catering)

Survey: http://www.s2.onasurveys.com/survey?6bca0ca1774202f14de70b8c3ca1e168 (Please complete this short survey, so we can conduct a Social Network Analysis on a real case study (us) on the day)

Venue: UTS: Level 5, Room 580, Building 10 (Jones Street Ultimo-near Broadway)

Instructions: Follow the signs (or helpful KM Forum Members!) when you get to the Building 10 Lift Foyer (old lift foyer is easiest)  If you have any problems finding the room please call Marie:            0404 090 110      .

To help cover costs, we ask for a $5 donation at the door.

Topic: Discovering where the ‘Real’ Knowledge lies using Social Network Analysis

Social Network Analysis (SNA) is an 80-year-old science that is now being ‘discovered’ by the social networking crowds. The Optimice ‘mission’ is to bring this science to mainstream business through the development of better tools and practices. They have designed this session as an ‘Action Learning’ session to maximise your learning about SNA.


1. Introduction to SNA

2. Analyse NSW KM Forum Network

3. Real Case study walk-through with you as the analyst.

4. Open discussion on possibilities in your context.

To help attendees better engage with the topic we will be applying SNA science to the NSW KM Forum by surveying you for your connections before you arrive (http://www.s2.onasurveys.com/survey?6bca0ca1774202f14de70b8c3ca1e168). At the event we will give you an introduction to SNA and then collectively we will play ‘SNA Analysts’ by analysing the resulting network map of the NSW KM Forum membership. Even if you can’t make it on the day please feel free to complete the 2 minute survey as we will be sharing the results with the full membership.

Please Note:  You will be emailed a survey link after you register, shortly before the event.  If you would like to take part in the attendee SNA exercise at the meeting simply follow the link and complete the very short survey before the meeting.

Optimice has conducted more than 50 SNA projects in contexts ranging from succession planning, stakeholder engagement, innovation networks, project interdependencies, collaboration, market place ecosystems, communities of practice, conference networks, NGO charities etc.. To help attendees gain a better appreciation of the process they will walk through a real case study (made anonymous of course) using their on-line toolsets. Again, you get to play the ‘SNA Analyst’ and experience first hand how SNA could work in your context as you think about the SNA survey questions, administer an SNA survey, create and analyse the sociograms and then think up appropriate interventions.

They will be wrapping up with an open discussion on the possibilities for SNA in your respective organisations.

About Laurie Lock Lee and Cai Kjaer from Optimice Pty Ltd:

Laurie and Kai are, in their own words, ‘Networking Zealots’ with a passion for bringing the science of social network analysis to mainstream business. Much of their work is about making the tools and techniques more accessible to mainstream business users. Their tools have been designed for the practitioner, more so than the scientist. They actively aim to educate and coach their clients and partners to become self-sufficient in their use.

Laurie has been working with KM before the term was invented. He has the distinction of being one of the world’s first ‘Knowledge Engineers’ when in the 1980s he was tasked with building computer systems to replicate the knowledge of expert operators in BHP. While this effort was a dismal failure that saw the job title ‘Knowledge Engineer’ drop off the recruiters’ hot list, it provided him with key insights into where the ‘real’ knowledge lies in organisations.

Cai is a Danish immigrant who was so enamored by SNA while working on a project with Laurie, that he put his whole family’s future welfare at risk by joining Laurie in forming Optimice in late 2006. Prior to coming to Australia Cai is best known for being a member of the Danish Royal Guard (where he got to wear the funny hat). Cai is blessed with the wonderful sense of Danish design as evidenced by the smooth line of their web site : http://www.optimice.com.au.

We all look forward to an interesting, stimulating, enjoyable and sociable evening of learning from the experiences of our guest speakers, and each other!

To help cover costs, we ask for a $5 donation at the door.