September Event Presentation – Mattias Brunnert – Enterprise Search

27 September, 2012

Well, we tested our prospective new venue upstairs at The Royal Exhibition Hotel at Central this Tuesday night for our September meeting, and it was …… eventful!

While the venue, atmosphere, projection screen and location were all great (for the price!) we definitely had major issues with the sound levels, as the venue’s microphone and amp were on the blink.  We have been assured that the microphone and amp will be fixed and available for our next event, so the consensus seems to be that we’re going to give the venue a second shot – so hopefully we’ll see you all there in October!

In the meantime – the presentation by Mattias on Tuesday night was really well received (perhaps because people had to concentrate to hear him it made them pay more attention to the talk!).  Mattias has generously put his presentation online for us all to review, and has offered to answer any further questions or enquiries you might have about his presentation.  Mattias can be contacted at: Mattias Brunnert <> and his Presentation from Tuesday night titled “Enterprise Search-Simple, Complex and Powerful” can be found here

We will be posting details of our Guest Speaker for October in the next week or so, so keep your eyes out, and we’ll see you there!

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