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Date: Wed, 1 May 2013, 5:30-7:30pm

Venue: Cancer Council Australia, Level 14, 477 Pitt St, Sydney (100m from Central Station Eddy Avenue exit)

Contact: If you have any trouble finding the venue please call 0405 676 045.

$5 donation at the door to cover expenses and catering.

Event description

Social media is the new way to accelerate knowledge sharing across siloed organisations. It’s a no-brainer…or is it?

A typical scenario: an organisation creates a Yammer network. Free. Any staff member can join. It’s private, conversations limited to your organisation only, screened from the rest of the world…or open to your partners if you want. No infrastructure required. Hey, let’s do it!

Staff begin using it, some enthusiastically, some warily. That’s fine, because there is no Change Management effort required, most people are familiar with Facebook so they can start using it without any formal training. In most cases the result is that the organisation is better off with it than without it. Brick by brick the silo walls start to come down. Great little knowledge nuggets start appearing, solutions to all those annoying problems which previously meant trawling the Intranet for hours (often with no result) but which someone now answers in five minutes. Highly valuable knowledge being shared freely. Brilliant!

Then another person asks the same question. Then another. The person who provided the answer the first time doesn’t have the time or inclination to keep answering it. The frustration starts. ‘I know the question was answered here somewhere…but where?’ In all the flurry of conversations, knowledge gems are quickly lost in the eddy currents of activity streams which have now grown from streams into a rivers into a torrents. Search may or may not retrieve it. Of course, it was never hash-tagged, so that doesn’t help, and no one can quite remember who provided the original answer.

Social media has been enthusiastically adopted as a quick win, with some great results, but in all the excitement did anyone stop to think about how we should capture, retain and reuse those little nuggets of knowledge that are periodically tossed into fast-flowing activity streams?

New technologies bring new knowledge problems. In this session we will look more closely at the issue of extracting knowledge from activity streams and how it could be tackled.


The panellists:

Alister Webb

While much of Alister Webb’s recent experience has been around large enterprise-wide SharePoint rollouts, his role has evolved into the much broader area of social media in the enterprise. From a technology perspective, this has meant the integration of Yammer and SharePoint as well the ‘gamified’ crowd support product, Lithium.

He has spoken on this and related topics at the Share 2011 and Share 2012 conferences in 2011 and 2012, respectively. Intranets are going through a period of profound change, and he is loving the challenges and opportunities this presents.

Away from the technical side, he is also focused on governance and approaches to user adoption and community building. These are critical success factors for the above.

Alister has been involved with the development of Intranets for nearly 15 years.

Geoff Kim

Geoff has been an intranet manager at a large financial organisation for the past 6 years. In that time, he has seen platforms come and go but the steady rise of the enterprise social network is what makes him really tick.

He recently spoke at Step Two’s Intranet Leadership Forum on the matter.

Find out if the ‘intranet’ really is dead.