NSW KM Forum-Special Community Survey

6 March, 2016

The NSW KM Forum is currently reconsidering how it services the Knowledge Management community.

Attendances at monthly networking meetings over the last couple of years have been good without being great, so we are reaching out to our members to understand our relevance for KM professionals in a fast-paced environment with many different sources of professional information and a sprawl of interconnected disciplines like collaboration, innovation, social enterprise, activity-based working, community management, digital workplace, etc.

Please take the 5-10 minutes required to let us know your honest opinions in order that we can determine how (or even if) the NSW KM Forum can remain important to your professional lives.

Your responses will form the basis of decisions we make regarding the continuation of the NSW KM Forum. It is a volunteer community and, like all such communities, requires the ongoing interest and participation of its members to keep it alive and active!

Please simply click here to go to the SurveyMonkey Survey to complete the survey and help us keep the NSW KM Forum relevant and healthy.


On behalf of the NSW KM Forum Committee, thank you in advance!

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