An event of interest hosted by UTS…

29 March, 2017

Topic: What’s up with the International Knowledge Management Standard?

Overview: Dr Arthur Shelley will be discussing the latest news regarding the ISO KM standard and its implications for us as practitioners. He will also bring insights from his latest book on projects, knowledge, innovation and change.

Presenter: Arthur Shelley is Standard Australia’s representative on the ISO working group for the new international Knowledge Management standard. He facilitates KM courses in RMIT University’s Executive MBA and the Masters of Project Management. Arthur has just completed his third book, “KNOWledge SUCCESSion” as a follow up to “Being A Successful Knowledge Leader” (2009) and “The Organizational Zoo” (2007). He was the Global Knowledge Director for Cadbury Schweppes until 2007.

Date: Monday 3 April 2017               Time: 6pm

Room CB11.B3.101
Building 11
University of Technology Sydney
81 Broadway, NSW 2007

Map here
This event is free thanks to Arthur and UTS.


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