• NovemberMeeting2004eLearning – It’s just animated textbooks, innit? Matt Moore (IBM), Deborah Chadwick (Cisco)and Nigel Wilson (Centra)
  • OctoberMeeting2004How a meaningful KM capability might be built (Larry Langman from Woolworths)& Competitive Intelligence and KM (Maureen Henninger from UTS)
  • SeptemberMeeting2004Data Visualisation (Ari Jacobs)& Intellectual Capital (James Guthrie & Suresh Cuganesan)
  • AugustMeeting2004collaborative technologies (Tony Benson)& Practical KM: Turning Rhetoric to Reality (Andrew Balmaks)
  • JulyMeeting2004The Mentoring Conversation (Ann Rolfe) & State of the Art in Web mining (Laurie Lock Lee)
  • JuneMeeting2004GIS systems and Sydney Catchment Authority (Serena Joyner)
  • MayMeeting2004Technology in KM – All or nothing? (Dr Meliha Handzic) & KM at Nokia (Glen Carter)
  • AprilMeeting2004Measuring a Knowledge-Based Economy and Society (Paul Bentley) & Evolving to a Knowledge-Driven Organisation (David Rymer)
  • MarchMeeting2004Nucleus (Geoff McQueen, Internetrix) & Making Sense of Cynefin (Viv Read, IBM)
  • FebruaryMeeting2004Open Your Mind: The 7 Keys to Thinking Critically (Francesco Sofo, University of Canberra)

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