• DecemberMeeting2005From Strategy to Reality: Lessons Learned from the Legal & Financial Services Industries with Gretta Rusanow, CEO, Curve Consulting.
  • ComplexityAndSensemakingBreakfastDec05Special NSW KM event with Dave Snowden, Director, Cynefin Centre.
  • NovemberMeeting2005It’s all about changing the behaviour – Dr Ross Patterson, Managing Director, SAFETRAC Pty Ltd and Knowledge Capital – Bringing the Intangibles to Light – Prof. James Guthrie, University of Sydney & Christina Boedker, UNSW
  • OctoberMeeting2005 – Marcus Gibson, Lend Lease Corporation – Getting People To Talk To Each Other and Lauren Allen, HLA Envirosciences, with Steven Layer, Weblogics – Knowledge Management Made Easy?
  • TomDavenportTom Davenport gave a special presentation to the NSW KM Forum on Wednesday 14th September.
  • SeptemberMeeting20057th September 2005 – The spotlight on knowledge management – joining in the discussion, Sue Halbwirth and Kim Sbarcea (Representing the Standards Australia Knowledge Management Committee). Please note this was a special meeting on a different day and time from the normal NSW KM Forum.
  • AugustMeeting20054th August 2005 – Knowledge Management for Call Centres, James Robertson, Step Two Designs
  • JulyMeeting2005Social Software: Knowledge Management Panacea… or Technology Fad?, James Dellow, Principal Consultant, Chief Technology Solutions
  • JuneMeeting2005How to make a Community of Practice work effectively, Jim Brown, Director of Business Transformation, from hearts&minds
  • MayMeeting2005Demonstrating the Value of KM in Operational Terms with Nerida Hart, Director of Knowledge & Information Services for the Dept of Family & Community Services, and Barbara Busch, MD and Principal Consultant of Janus Consulting Australia Pty Ltd.
  • AprilMeeting2005Taking it to the People: Applying KM in Telstra, Alister Webb from Telstra’s Consumer & Marketing Division
  • MarchMeeting2005The Future of Copyright: The role for Creative Commons in enabling knowledge sharing and encouraging innovation presented as a panel discussion
  • FebruaryMeeting2005Telling it like it is: using ethnography and storytelling in the workplace, Theresa Anderson (UTS)

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