KM Australia 2007: Murder on the dancefloor

30 July, 2007

Picture a good party you’ve been to with fantastic music that just keeps coming – the dance floor doesn’t empty till late, and only then when all power is disconnected…… Now picture a really ordinary party – those keen groovers who always get the dancing started are barely given enough time to find their particular rhythm, when whoever is masquerading as a DJ hoses them down with the next dud track. They groan, struggle on in vain or just shrug and give up for good.

Fortunately KM Australia was nothing like that. When every second presentation was a vendor-sponsor, those participants who chose to leave the “dance floor” could retreat to the dedicated networking area, “The KM Arena” and get on with why they were there. Oddly enough my biggest criticism of the event (the high number of vendor presentations, and their deliberate peppering throughout the day) turned out to be the catalyst for the most enjoyable part: the chance to talk, listen and network with so many great people.

It seems a bit unfair to criticise the vendors – they are doing what vendors do – but it is worth Ark Group paying attention to the large numbers of KM participants who chose to exercise their right not to sit through the sales pitches. Guys – technology IS in the toolkit (and I know they pay the bills) – but KM is primarily about people. Please take note.

A few people have already blogged about the conference – some with real rigour:
Dave Snowden, Chris Fletcher, Brad Hinton and Keith De La Rue

For me, I could summarise it down to: great networking, 3 excellent keynotes and some solid practitioner presentations.

I will endeavour over the next 2 weeks to bring you my highlights. In the next post I have captured nuggets from the case studies and Knowledge Café. I hope to bring you 3 more posts for each of the best keynotes: Dave Snowden, Michel Bauwens and Etienne Wenger. See how we go…

Your guest blogger and Ambassador to KM Australia: Serena Joyner

4 Responses to “KM Australia 2007: Murder on the dancefloor”

  1. Serena –

    Thanks for the link! Also concur with your comments in this post in general – but I must admit that as I also tended to absent myself from most of the vendor presentations, I can’t really say how good/bad they were…

    – Keith.

  2. […] raises the perennial question of how to cope with vendor presentations at such major events.  KM is about people, but I think that most of us agree that many (although […]

  3. Serena –

    Just thinking further about the vendor issue – I put up a blog post on the topic – see it at:

  4. serenajj Says:

    I have to agree Keith – I can only judge the first vendor presentation as it was the only one I sat through. The larger point for Ark Group to consider is if that is how we responded to their program, neither we nor the sponors were well served by it.

    I acknowledge there is a chance I missed a vendor presentation that I might have found valuable, but my time is more precious than to risk wasting it when I could be networking.


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